Kaleid Magazine is an annual print publication exploring what happens when we take a breath and listen to the chaos.


In such an uncertain time, we’re quick to look for simple answers, quick to get stuck in our convictions. So many crises feel so imminent — climate change, xenophobia, a yawning wealth gap, constantly evolving relationships with information and technology. We’re all in such a rush to fix what’s broken. But in the midst of so much noise, how can we make a real difference?


Kaleid Magazine exists to challenge and inspire with a new creative vocabulary of nuance and reflection. It explores the physical, mental, and digital threads that weave through our diverse experiences. Inside its pages, visual and performative art, essays, fiction, poetry, and more collide in a beautifully-designed explosion of voices and ideas.


Each issue of Kaleid acts as a resource for radically compassionate and long-lasting awareness, exploration, and activism. In between issues, we host a podcast, organize events, and keep the conversation going. Kaleid is more than a magazine — it’s a community.


Delve into the grey zones with us. Explore the in-betweens. Embrace the ambiguous. This is how we make a difference.

Kaleid Magazine Issue 1: Borders will launch in Spring 2020.